The Open Kitchen Concept for Our Home

Have you ever seen open kitchen in the cafe or restaurant? Maybe you ever saw, but you do not know it. Open kitchen is often applied in cafe or restaurant. It has attraction to the customers to see the activity in the kitchen from the making of food and drink until they are served. This is useful to demonstrate the quality of feed materials used and the way of processing. Many people who still think that an open kitchen concept is unique in some countries. Along with the times, this concept is not being taboo because we can entertain guests directly. Even receive guests in the kitchen becomes the norm. Some people try to glance at the open kitchen concept in their kitchen. They realize how important the function of the kitchen for all the activities they do in the house. But there are still a few people who want to apply the concept of an open kitchen like this.

Usually the location of the open kitchen is adjacent to another room or behind the house. But in this kitchen concept can be seen by the customer without any separator. So, there is a close relationship between owners and customers. The bar concept is used in the open kitchen concept to create a sense of comfort and safety to its customers. This concept can even grow a sense of confidence to the owner. As a barrier between the two spaces, we can use a glass wall so that it appears the concept of the bar. That must be considered by homeowners is the cleanliness of the kitchen. Shame will arise if the kitchen looks dirty and messy. Even the open kitchen design we can make in a small space. With a size that is not too large, we can make look beautiful like the cooking done in a small kitchen. Some people try to glance at the open kitchen concept in their kitchen.

Maybe the owner can make two kinds of kitchenware, the dirty kitchen and clean kitchen. Any activity that leaves a lot of dirt can be done in the dirty kitchen. As for the present can be done in the clean kitchen, and the open kitchen so we still keep it looking clean.

And we know that the function of a clean kitchen only serves food and drinks without showing the impression of “a mess”.

In addition to the unique, open kitchen give the impression of the room was spacious. This is because all the activities we can do in this room.