Shabby Chic for Romantic Bedroom Ideas

You can design your bedroom with shabby chic bedroom ideas. Shabby chic interior is one of creative ideas in decorating your bedroom which is dominated by pastel colors and romantic impression. You can try to apply the shabby chic style, for example in the bedroom. This style can be an option for you who want to create a soft, pleasant, and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. To create a shabby chic style, you can combine with the typical colors of pastel colors. Combine with accessories or vintage furniture with floral motifs.

There are several things which become the characteristic aspects of shabby chic ideas. These are going to color your shabby chic bedroom ideas, such as pastel color, flower tendrils, fabric material, white furniture, and dim lighting. Shabby chic is very suitable for your daughter bedroom or new couple bedroom. You can give some cheerful bright colors on your daughter’s room, such as mint green, pink, cream, ivory, and white. Then, flowers tendrils will good for designing your shabby chic bedroom. It creates romantic theme. However, you should choose the floral decoration which is adjusted with color palette. The lacy fabric will look perfect to design your curtain, bedding set, and seat upholstery.

In addition, if you have given shabby chic motifs, like floral motifs and pastel colors in your floor, accessories, and walls, you can choose white furniture in your bedroom, such as for cupboard, headboard bed, photos frame, door, windows, and carpet. To neutralize some motifs in your shabby chic bedroom ideas, white color on the furniture will not make your room does not look too crowded. Last, dim light is very good to give calm impression. The using of indirect lighting will make your shabby chic bedroom looks perfect. This is time for you to design your own shabby chic bedroom.