Modern and Creative Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Color selection became a major focus in the planting of a minimalist kitchen impression. Do not get wrong color, any color will give the impression of ancient on our kitchen. Black and white color combination can strengthen the impression of a minimalist.

In addition, we can combine deep red color with a well-adjusted to the minimalist kitchen. Kitchen appliances that too much can reduce the impression of a minimalist in the kitchen. All kitchen appliances can be put in one place. We can put some stools that match the color that dominates the room. The chair can serve as a place to eat or just sit. Even we can use as a place of other activities, such as working while waiting for cooked food. Points to consider if the room is used for working or family gathering is the comfort and cleanliness.

In the Figure, minimalist kitchen design is made with a modern feel. The use of white paint and brown makes modern and an ancient. There is a wide space between the kitchen and dining room. Equipped with six dining chairs that can be used as a dining room. In addition, a small dining table that can be used as a place to work, just sitting, or a family gathering.

Unlike before, the picture had wood pattern may be one alternative in a minimalist kitchen design concept. The whole space of the roofs, floors and walls are wood accents. Do not remove the impression of the color of the wood in the room. The impression is growing concept of minimalism and natural. The addition of a simple table box can be a space where food is served. The addition of a simple table box can be a space where food is served. The red color on the tables would be a good combination. Three stools can add a sense of family in this kitchen. This space can be used not only as a dining room but also it can be used as a family gathering room.