Designing Green Kitchens For Healthy Life

Today, we need to keep our environment in mind in the most everything we do. Designing green kitchens is something should we do to get environmentally friendly ideas. The idea of green kitchens is innovative choice. Green kitchens look elegant and reduce the risk of contamination that may result from other kitchen designs.

When you are starting to design green kitchens, you have to put some basic ideas to get desired finish. First, choose warm colors like cream, green, yellow for painting. However, paints mostly contain heavy organic compounds that cause health related to problems for human beings. For designing green kitchens, choose natural paints which have less toxic. Natural paints are usually made from milk protein and casein, and available for many colors.

After painting, we have to pay attention to flooring requirements of green kitchens. You should avoid the idea of using wall carpeting. You can choose sustainable hard flooring using high quality wood, cork, or even bamboos. The main advantage of using natural materials is that they are easy to clean and durable.

The use of energy efficient lighting and appliances is also important aspect of green kitchens. You can add windows in your green kitchens in the exact position to get natural sunlight. You will be saving the electricity during daylight-hours. The use of this way also provide a sunny place to work as well. You can add some calm lighting to the parts of your green kitchens for good atmosphere at night.

The use of indoor plants is the way help cleaning indoor air. It also adds the beauty of green kitchens’ appearance. Put some indoor plants like bamboo palm, peace lily, daisy, and other indoor plants in the corner of green kitchens. These plants trap benzene, carbon monoxide from the air, and release the oxygen.

Good furniture that used in the green kitchens are wooden furniture. When choosing cabinets for your green kitchens, use real wood, straw board, or wheat board. It is environmentally friendly.

Beside that, to get really green kitchens, you should avoid the use of all chemical dishwasher liquid, floor and surface cleaner, detergents, and other cleaning product that you maybe currently use. They are harmful for the environment. You ca use natural cleaner. Try some of plants-based detergents, or you can make your own cleaner with vinegar and baking soda.

Green kitchens are recommended for interior design. Save our earth and keep our health for a better life!